Flens boosts iPhone flashlight by 10 times, turns it into a focused beam

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Your phone’s flashlight comes handy for many purposes. Searching for a key in the dark corners of a room, lighting-up pathway in the night or navigating your way through the house during a power cut. But do we need an improvement to the existing flashlight that comes with a phone? The makers of Flens think so, and there is a good enough reason for it. This accessory boosts smartphone LED flash up to 10 times and converts it into a focused beam which goes further. Now I’m starting to believe that I do need this accessory for time when phone flashlight is just too scattered for the task at hand.

The narrow beam created by Flens directs the light just where you need it. This comes handy when most needed which is a good thing. The accessory is no bigger than a standard sized nut and is easy to carry with you at all times. When needed, just stick it to your flash and you’ll have a 10x boosted flash light. Flens is made from borosilicate N-BK7 glass and has tiny neodymium magnets which make it stick to any phone. A small carbon-steel adhesive washer (oval or round) needs to be applied around the flash to do so.

Flens phone flash booster

Flens is up on Kickstarter for funding with a reasonable funding goal of €20,000. There is a good chance the project will get funded for its sheer utility. For an initial price tag of €17, Flens can be yours. Of course you can go for the Distributor Bundle having 10 Flens accessories. For now, Flens is only going to be compatible with Apple devices, and depending on the shape of flash, some Android and Windows phones will also be compatible.

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Via: TheVerge



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