Movpak – Reloaded hi-tech backpack with slide-out electric skateboard

Movepack 2

Movpak is back to entice backers on crowdfunding site Indiegogo with a transforming backpack cum electronic skateboard. The company behind the backpack has been trying to put it into production for last the two years, the backpack in fact failed to meet crowdfunding target of $100,000 last time on Kickstarter.


This time, the target is only $50,000 and the backpack has received many additional as well as cool features. We already know that it can show itself in a backpack, which can be worn or converted into rolling bag. Movpak can now pair with user’s smartphone over Bluetooth, it has a mic to communicate with Siri, speakers for jamming, GPS tracking, wireless gadget charger, headlights, and has been given two motors for additional power.

The skateboard slides out of the backpack and can gain a maximum speed of 20 mph with a range of 10 miles on a single charge. Actually, it does sound more tempting this time and is likely to get the boost it has been looking for.

Movepack 3

The crowdfunding campaign has just begun and early birds are being offered a single unit for $599 with changeable cover options. The board can be detached when not needed. You can read about Movpak in details on Indiegogo.



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