Logitech ZeroTouch smart car mount brings hands-free functionality to old beaters

Logitech launches ZeroTouch
In the market of handsfree accessories and apps, Logitech seems to be contesting aggressively. The brand has just released its new smart car mount ‘Logi ZeroTouch’ with an accompanying app. Like the name suggests, the purpose is to allow phone operation entirely through voice commands.

The application is triggered automatically when user attaches phone to the ZeroTouch. After that, user can use text-to-voice service to listen and reply to text messages, open apps, make calls, control music-streaming apps such as Spotify, Google Maps, and Waze.


This $60 air-vent mounted accessory with an $80 dashboard-counterpart aim to replicate key features of Android Auto or CarPlay. It’s costlier than the mentioned options, but enjoys a big advantage that could prove to be its unique selling point – it can work with all kind of old-model cars without incorporation of additional components.

Logitech ZeroTouch1

Most of the new cars nowadays support such electronic accessories with advanced functions, but for the old one, it’s a hectic and expensive deal, but not anymore with the ZeroTouch.

Source: Venture Beat



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