Supersonic Hyperloop One successfully delivers first public demonstration

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If you remember SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk talking about using magnetic levitation technology to zip travelers intercity and intracity, you know that the earthbound transportation is about to upend in next few decades. On Wednesday, Hyperloop One, earlier known as Hyperloop Technologies, delivered first public demonstration of what can be called next level of futuristic transportation for both passengers and cargo. The demonstration of Hyperloop One took place in the Nevada desert about 10 miles north of Las Vegas.

Hyperloop One is basically a bare-metal sledge rocketed down a track. The sledge is elevated from surface using magnetic levitation technology. For now, it was running on a 450 meters long open-air track. The purpose was to prove that supersonic transportation is feasible and worth working on.

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Brogan BamBrogan, a co-founder of the company, claims the Hyperloop One can do about 400 miles in just a few seconds reaching 750 mph down the line. To provide frictionless medium for displacement, the final model will include cushioned tube with an air compressor to create complete vacuum to minimize resistance.

The company is considering different levitation methods, based on passive magnetic levitation technology, which is currently used in high-speed maglev trains in Europe. But the infrastructural requirements and cost for Hyperloop One would be lesser than current trains.

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The CEO Rob Lloyd is hopeful of seeing Hyperloop moving cargo by 2019 and passengers by 2021.

There is every reason to wait for Hyperloop to start delivering as soon as possible. Transportation will be way faster and less costly. As it’s a levitated sledge moving in vacuum, Hyperloop would require less energy to maintain higher-speeds. The company announced securing $80 million in Series B funding to continue its research.

The only trouble for companies such as Hyperloop One is land use rights. You see, expanding cities are fast running out of resources and space.

Source: Gizmag



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