Google’s Tilt Brush virtual reality app brings 3D digital painting to life

google tilt

Virtually reality, which was mostly limited to video games, has now caught attention of painters, designers, architects, and fashion industry. Google launched Tilt Brush app last week, and recently invited a select group of artists at The Google Cultural Institute in Paris to try their hands on this technology. These artists admitted the virtual world is incredibly dynamic and fun.

Google Tilt 3

The Tilt Brush lets users paint digitally by making movements in three-dimensional space, symbolic to painting in air. The app is bundled with a connected HTC Vive headset that users will have to wear.

It’s simply awesome to be able to paint life-sized, three-dimensional strokes of just about anything. We can’t paint with fire, snow or stars, can we? Well, now we can. Taking users beyond limitations of physical world, the app lets them draw with impossible materials.

Users can paint with textured fabrics, leather and whatever material they want, which means this technology will see large number of buyers in fashion industry. Designers can now flesh out their sketches to confirm it’s made to measurement. They can even step around their work to gain an overview from every possible angle.

Google Tilt 2



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