Will VR bring about a decline in mobile gaming?

Virtual Reality Gaming

Everywhere you turn now you read something about the imminent advent of virtual reality. As yet, nobody knows exactly how it’s going to affect other technology, but there is plenty of speculation. Will virtual reality blow tablets, wearable tech and other consoles out of the water? Or will it be used alongside all these things? As it stands, one of the most popular formats of gaming is on mobile, but this could all change when games start to be developed in virtual reality.

There are a number of different virtual reality headsets set to hit the market in 2016, including the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and the HTC Vive. Initially they will be expensive, but as smartphones and tablets became more prevalent over time, the same could happen with virtual reality.

When smartphones and tablets came about, they were at first considered a luxury, and a lot of people couldn’t afford them. As newer models flooded the market, the older ones diminished in value rapidly, meaning more people could afford them. Now, mobile is one of the most common platforms for social media, gaming, email, and other everyday uses. Certainly, businesses have exploited the popularity of mobile, especially in the gaming sector. A lot of online casinos now have a mobile casino option to allow players to play games on the move. The games lend themselves well to this format, and some players prefer playing them on mobile rather than desktop because of the simplicity of the format. Some console games are also available to play on mobile, as well as all the addictive free apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Will virtual reality bring about a decline in this kind of gaming, as developers look to produce games in a new format?

VR Gaming

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This could perhaps be the case for the online casinos, because they are operating in such a saturated market. The sites that innovate and evolve first could have a big advantage over the competition. There is speculation that online casinos will offer a virtual reality experience where players can enter a virtual casino. Console game developers have also made moves towards VR, but they will continue to develop games for regular players. As for addictive mobile apps, it could be argued that these will continue in the same way. These games are ideal for playing while on the train to work, or to kill some time while waiting to pick up the kids from school. In these situations, would people really feel comfortable about slipping on a ridiculous looking headset and experiencing virtual reality in public? There is the embarrassment factor, and the danger aspect, as users will be unaware of their surroundings.

All things considered, it seems fair to say that VR won’t be revolutionary in that it replaces all the technology available now. There are certainly some circumstances where using it will not be appropriate. Initially, it could bring about a slight decline in mobile gaming as developers look to produce games in VR as well, but over time they should work alongside each other.



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