Colin Furze is back with a smoking bass guitar

Colin Furze is back with another YouTube video in which he fulfills demand of his fans to build a smoke-emitting brass guitar with built in strobes. Colin has special love for speed and rockets. He has built a jet-powered bike in his garage, world’s fastest mobility scooter, a bicycle with ice-tires, giant fart machine, world’s longest motorbike, and a huge lot of other crazy stuff.

He is onto fitting engine and turbines into almost everything including a pram. He was a plumber and had left school at the age of 16. But, now he is a stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and YouTuber.

He is an eccentric inventor who conceived Wolverine claws, magnetic shoes, and flamethrowers you see in movies. He creates all this stuff for fun, which is mostly sponsored by filmmakers, studios, and others interested in marketing their name.



Madan has been writing about eco-friendly gadgets and technologies for over 5 years now. He has an inclination for all things green and wonderful. He is a local social activist with a global vision. When not writing, Madan can be seen capturing the best of urban wildlife in his DSLR lens.

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