Stormfall: Liberate your people from evil lords

Stormfall - Age of War

Do you like MMORTS? If so, then Stormfall can be your choice. This game is a time-based MMORTS game, which means it takes place in a specific time sequence. This game is similar to Travian, as supplemented by the army, war equipment, resources, quests, and various elements of RPG. Stormfall talks about a region, called Darkshine, who experienced the chaos of the battle between the Lords to fight the remnants of the Empire. On the other hand, the common people were frustrated and kept waiting for a hero who will stabilize the empire and protect them from suppression of the nobility. It is a theme that is quite interesting because we take on the role as a liberator for commoners.

In this game, you have to keep your castle from interference by enemies (NPC and other players). Besides defending your castle, you also have to make sure the people of your kingdom safe and free of enemy attacks. The question is, “will you make your empire expand, or destroyed by the enemy?


You will be given the freedom to upgrade, develop, and make some adjustments to your castle. Ensure that all steps taken can lead you to victory.

Ancient scrolls

Stormfall: Age of War contains quests that require you to collect a variety of ancient scrolls to complete the mission and add resources. Every time you play Stormfall, the Scribe will automatically decipher the scroll that can be used for a medium of exchange in trade between you and the other Lords.


Choose the best strategy and use it in the way you cooperate with other Lords. You need to cooperate with them in one League to destroy other Leagues. While playing, you can get various individual and League tributes.


Tutorial is needed in playing this game but sometimes it seems that some players would feel like all game tutorials will not really end, as the NPC guides every step that must be done, by giving “quest”. However, if you are one of them, you don’t need to worry because you will surely arrive at a thought that you can go through all game stages without any guide. It’s only matter of not accustomed to play Stormfall. Believe me! You will enjoy this game with or without tutorial. And why do we worry so much about that? No matter how skilled and talented someone, he or she will need some tutorials. Once again, it is only matter of not accustomed to play!

Three main resources

The collection of three main resources must be done. You will be provided time to choose the building resource, Command building, and military building, where each resource has its own function to allow you to organize your troops. You will be able to send your unit and ordered some of them to make a defensive strategy.

In the battle

Stormfall - Age of War
When the time comes for you to fight, then you can choose your targets. You can obtain advice from your personal advisor about how to organize your units in battle. You will also be given a guide to complete the “Daily quests,” like ‘Hunt for Fire Drakes’ and ‘Protect the village from Orcish Raiders.’ What to do is to click some buttons and the sooner you do, the shorter you are dealing with pop-ups.

The Stormfall is the answer for those who want play as a leader that cooperates with others to get a common goal.

Stormfall - Age of War



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