Shooz – World’s first hi-tech modular shoes with interchangeable skin

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Enoardo Iannuzzi’s pair of modular shoes achieved its crowdfunding target successfully and is about to start shipping the product to backers soon. The Iannuzzi’s pair of shoes is bad news for traditional shoe makers because its very intention is to eliminate need of buying new shoes. Shooz, claimed as world’s first hi-tech modular travel shoes, is made of two parts, the sole and the skin. The concept is to allow users zip different skins over the sole. These skins would come in different styles and colors.

According to the maker, Shooz is patented footwear that targets travelers who want to evade carrying multiple pair of shoes, but also want to be in style. The two parts of the Shooz are detachable and interchangeable. The users buy sole and then purchases different skins and create combinations to suit to their requirement. Shooz are good for biking, running, working and abundant of other occasions.

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The maker also suggests that Shooz promote sustainability by reducing carbon foot-prints. You see, manufacturing will come down when people won’t need to buy pair of shoes frequently, leading to reduction in energy requirement and emissions produced in the manufacturing process. Well, if Shooz could do it, it’ll be actually a little favor to human kind.
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Shooz are cork insulated and are waterproof. A sole and skin can be easily and quickly zipped with each other. If you order now, you’ll get two skins and two soles for $75 each. You buy a sole first and then purchase different skins for it. You can read more about it on Indiegogo.



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