Inupathy 3D printed dog collar tells you how your dog feels or thinks

Inupathy dog collar 2
A Japanese manufacturer has put a speaking dog collar “Inupathy” on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. The collar is suggested as the world’s first “mental visualizer” for dogs. The purpose is to allow users read what a dog is trying to say when its barking, looking at something, lying on floor idle, or jumping about to garner owner’s attention.

A team over at Temptations Lab and London ad agency adam&eveDDB recently announced their newest innovation called Catterbox – world’s first smart-collar for cats that can translate their mews into human voice. It was kind of funny because a collar playing pre-recorded sounds isn’t actually a speaking collar.

Inupathy is more sensible product. When wrapped around the neck of a pet, the collar can read pulse rate to measure emotional responses that is expressed through colored LED lights. A red light indicates that the dog is aggressive or its heartbeat is high, white indicates concentration, blue indicates relaxed mood and rainbow suggest happiness.
Inupathy dog collar

Along with colored-light responses, owner receives messages on cellphone through an accompanied app. The collar can also accumulate data from previous responses and enhance expression based-on particular trends. After analyzing data from previous trends, Inupathy can also suggest what games a dog enjoys most.

Inupathy dog collar3

The communication is limited to some colors and textual content, which isn’t really extraordinary to say. You know, pet lovers don’t need lights to observe how their pet is feeling, but you can place a pre-order at Indiegogo for $169 and expect shipping by the end of this December, if this is what you’ve wanted.

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Inupathy dog collar 4

Source: RocketNews24



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