“Jack”: The autonomous Audi A7 concept drives like a well-mannered motorist

Audi A7 self-driving car Jack

Self-driving cars are the next frontier in what you would call the future of safe commuting. All the major manufacturers; in particular Google, Nissan, Hyundai, Baidu, Ford, Mercedes, Tesla’s semi-autonomous software update and many more. Audi has also been in the thick of the action with its LG G Watch R smartwatch controlled self-driving Audi A7 teased at CES 2015. The German automotive manufacturer recently gave more insight on its self-driving car which is more like a civilized human-being driving on the roads. Responsible driving is its prime concern, and that is why Audi A7 piloted driving concept named “Jack” is different from the competition.

Jack is able to make key decisions when on the expressway like activating the turn signal and then moving closer to the lane marking, that is what we humans do, don’t we? Or deciding to slow the speed down in case some other vehicle is merging into the same lane. That is a courteous move from an intelligent self-driving car isn’t it. Jack also has a preemptive navigation system which calculate the best piloted driving sections.

Audi A7 piloted driving concept is powered by a central driver assistance controller zFAS which uses data from all the sensors on-board to create a virtual model of car’s surroundings. zFAS then steps into action and preempts all the moves well in advance to avoid any collisions or miscalculations.

Although it is just a small little update, but significant non-the-less. It shows how self-driving cars are going to evolve into commuters which have sensible decision making prowess, as-well-as intelligent brain to take you around without much of a problem.

Source: Audi Via: CarAdvice



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