Ross becomes world’s first robotic lawyer hired by Baker & Hostetler

Robot lawyer IBM Ross

Robots are making their way into many walks of life which brings exciting new prospects for us. Human-beings have developed robots with the intelligence and smartness to perform complex tasks. We recently say Robot Kingdom – an amusement park run entirely by 200 robots and in another story a robotic card dealer named Min. Both these examples clearly show the prowess of modern day robots to go all solo when it comes to performing tasks. Now in another instance, Law firm Baker & Hostetler has shown faith in IBM’s Ross robot to take care of their bankruptcy practice.

This makes Ross the world’s first robot lawyer and all its skills can be attributed to Watson which is IBM’s cognitive computer. So basically, Ross is a robot based on Watson with the ability to read/understand language and also provide responses with factual references and citations. The robotic attorney provides you with precise answers to questions and constantly monitors laws to provide feedback on how it would affect you positively or negatively. The robot’s AI system keeps getting advanced with time, the more interactions and situations it has to go through only make it better.

Since Ross is a robot, it has the ability to minimize the time taken to narrow down results for relevant answers. For now Baker & Hostetler is going to test Ross in bankruptcy law and later on they hope to see it handling other cases too.

This is a bold step by Baker & Hostetler which shows how robotics is going to make its way into every possible sector and job profile.

Via: WonderfulEngineering/Futurism



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