Unreal Selfie stick with fans and beauty lights will make you forget the rest

Unreal Selfie Stick

Who’s better at putting together geeky pranks and gobbling down millions of views? Thinkmodo that would be. The pioneers in putting together viral video campaigns for brands is back with another one of its creation. To promote the new season of drama-reality show Unreal, they have created two high tech selfie sticks that you’ll want instantly after reading this. Just like any other selfie stick, this one also connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but the comparison ends there.

Unreal Selfie Stick comes with its own pair of fans to get that wind in the hair look and array of LED beauty lights to make you shine in any kind of lighting condition. Now that is icing on the cake for selfie obsessed people out there. The awesomeness doesn’t end there. With the push of a button, a telescopic arm extends to accommodate more people into the camera frame. Similarly, the fan and LED lights can also be activated with the push of a button.

Unreal Selfie Stick

It took Thinkmodo three months to create a pair of these selfie sticks and adjusting all those accessories does add to the weight. Once it was complete, the next step was to shoot a catchy video, and for that the team got Miami-based actress Noa Lindberg. It wasn’t surprising that Noa didn’t need much of directions to put the act together.

In the video you can clearly see people surprised by this cool selfie stick and actually want to know where they can buy it. Sadly, for now the selfie stick has just been developed for this promotional campaign and cannot be bought off the shelf. That said, it won’t be surprising if someone steals the idea and mass produces one. That would be great for selfie lovers.

Via: Mashable



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