Samsung patent suggests smartwatch with projectable virtual user-interface and display

samsung patent smartwatch

Although, most of the blogosphere thinks it’s too futuristic to be nearing production, Samsung’s new patent has still created quite a buzz in industry as well as in the blogosphere. Smartwatch makers are working hard to overcome limitations posed by tiny space for user-interface and SkinTrack is on good example of how to overcome it. On the same lines, Samsung has applied for a patent showing illustration of how it would solve this problem in a sci-fi way: using projection technology to project user-interface onto forearm, on wrists, along the length of the arm, and even on large surfaces like doors and walls for larger projection.


Samsung wristwatch patent

The patent suggests inclusion of sensors and cameras to detect available surface around the wristwatch and then project user-interface onto it, accordingly. Not just a virtual interface but the tech will also work as expanded display.

Samsung wristwatch with virtual interface

The illustrations in the patent show a dialpad, map navigation, large keyboard etc. projected on user’s wrist.  Integrated photo sensors would enable interaction by detecting tapping movement of the user.

Another reason no one is sure whether Samsung is actually looking forward to use its patented technology in its smartwatch is that another illustration shows a wearable headset with the same technology, which hints towards something similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Samsugn smartwatch patent

That does sound cool because it would take the possibilities of augmented-reality to new heights where a user can utilize advanced interface beyond just the smartwatch screen. For now, there are no details or clues from Samsung about possible use of technology or date of production.

Samsung smartwatch Samsung patent

Source: Engadget



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