Pilot – Waverly Lab’s real-time foreign language translator fits in your ear

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Waverly Labs has launched its latest innovation the Pilot – a pair of earbuds that can fit inside the human ear and translate foreign languages in real time with only a trivial lag. Two people who don’t have a common language to communicate can easily talk to each other with Pilot. Information about the technology is thin on ground as the company didn’t tell anything except that it uses “translation technology” with an embedded application. Of course, it does, but we were looking for some more details. Facts hint at something similar to Microsoft owned Skype Translator that is already offering similar service in voice and video calls. But this time, the technology can fit in your ear.

A video ad demonstrate how a French speaking female and her English speaking friend are communicating in their own respective languages with the help of Pilot. The device simply translates words said in a specific language in ear of each user when both of them wear these devices.
pilot translator

For now, the company announced it’ll only support English, Spanish, French and Italian. Soon, Pilot will also include East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic, African and other languages. It sounds great because this technology would eliminate the need to learn foreign language words when you are traveling to a foreign country. It is a remarkable development in translation technologies that would make cross-cultural conversation easier than ever.

Pilot real itme translator

Pilot, with a price tag of $129, is available for pre-order on Waverly Lab’s official website in three colors. The company is also planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to offer backers the same package, but for retail, it would be around $250 to $300.

Expect pre-orders opening from 25 May and shipping between autumn and next spring, on a first-come-first-served basis.




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