Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Creative cardboard creations put together in a gripping collection

Cardboard as a material has structural strength to hold the heaviest of cargo and at the same time flexibility to be used according to your needs. It comes handy as a raw material for school projects, but a few genius artists can turn it into work of art. In the hand of a master craftsman who are blessed with the technical bend of mind, cardboard can be turned into jaw-dropping creations. As our dedication to such artistic people and of course the cardboard material that makes it all possible, here is a collection of the best cardboard creations that’ll you’ll ever see.

# Cardboard Boombox

Mini Ghettoblaster cardboard boombox for Mini Cooper Promotion_1

This huge boombox dubbed “Mini – GhettoBlaster” made from cardboard was specially commissioned for the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland. Bartek Elsner is the man behind this functional boombox powered by a Mini Cooper which fits inside the cardboard stereo frame. The thing looks absolutely inspiring and it would be hard to imagine if another one of such huge proportions will be made again.

# Cardboard Helmet

Kranium Cardboard helmet

Perfect example of the inherit strength of corrugated cardboard, the Kranium Cardboard Helmet by Abus is better than your standard helmet. The helmet has three times the impact shock resistance limit set by the European helmet standards. On impact the cardboard lining crushes (but not disintegrate) to absorb the force of impact. Also the helmet is water-proof and totally recyclable.

# Functional Cardboard Lexus
Lexus Origami Car IS Sedan

This is one of my favorite cardboard creation which is just mind-boggling. Lexus has put together the Origami Car made from 1700 corrugated cardboard pieces, and it is functional. It took them three months to complete this car modeled on the Lexus IS300H Sedan. Each section was divided into separate parts and joined together with a water-based glue. Lexus Origami Car after completion made its appearance at the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham, U.K., from October 8–11.

# Cardboard incubator

Duke of York having a look at BabyLifeBox during the Pitch@Palace Bootcamp

Duke of York having a look at BabyLifeBox during the [email protected] Bootcamp

Innovations that saves lives are invaluable. This low-cost incubator made from cardboard material is a stroke of genius as it gives people in developing nations another chance to give infants the neonatal care they deserve. BabyLifeBox is designed by Malav Sanghavi who is pursuing his Innovation Design Engineering (IDE), a Master’s dual degree course at the Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. This cost-effective creation won him the third prize for a competition held at St. Jame’s Palace in London.

# Force Awakens Google Cardboard

Star Wars The Force Awakens Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard brought low-cost virtual reality entertainment to the fore, and gave people way to enjoy VR applications. Verizon Wireless doubled that fun with a Star Wars themed Google Cardboard. No more than an advertising gimmick, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Google Cardboard VR headset has to be on this list. It came in four different themes – BB-8, R2-D2, Kylo Ren and Stormtrooper.

# Cardboard Guitar

Cardboard Guitar Stratocaster Fender Cardboard Chaos

Inspired by the design of world’s most famous electric guitar, the Fender Stratosphere, this cardboard guitar is so cool. Called as Cardboard Chaos, the guitar is fully functional and will last beyond your expectations. The body is made from corrugated cardboard and the only non-cardboard parts are the strings, frets, pickups and pick guard.

# Cardboard Radio and Speaker

The market is flooded with speakers and radios which have become all so common these days. So why not have something that is different from the league and actually looks appealing? This is a portable radio made from recycled cardboard material, having the retro styled knobs, aerial and speaker vents. You can attach your iPod, phone or any other device to stream music. Take it to your weekend picnic or simply keep it by your bedside to enjoy music.

# Cardboard Camera

IKEA Knappa cardboard camera

Swedish furniture giant IKEA promoted its PS 2012 furniture collection with complementary give away of Knappa digital camera which is made from hardened cardboard. The accessory is quite sleek and won’t fall apart as you would normally expect. The motive is to prompt users to click pictures of their IKEA furniture and share them. This recyclable cardboard camera was designed by Jesper Kouthoofd and it is amazing how he managed to put the camera sensor, USB connector and other electronics inside it.

# Cardboard Computer

Recompute cardboard computer_1

Computers are one of the most toxic electronics for the environment. So, it is a novel idea to have one with as little as possible carbon footprint. Designed by Brenden Macaluso, Recompute desktop computer replaces components like ABS plastic, aluminum and steel of the CPU compartment with corrugated cardboard. The sustainable desktop computer has vents at the right places to keep the hardware cool and running in top condition.

# Cardboard Bicycle

cardboard bike by Izhar Gafni

Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Gafni has made a prototype bicycle entirely from cardboard and surprisingly it is waterproof, durable, strong and cheap. The bicycle is made out of recycled cardboard and you can in fact call it one of the greenest mode of commuting on this planet. It can take the weight of up to 140 kilograms which speaks for its structural strength. The cardboard bike comes for a dirt cheap $60 – $90 price tag.

cardboard bike by Izhar Gafni_1

# Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Vax cardboard vacuum cleaner

Industrial design student Jake Tyler has created a vacuum cleaner made out of cardboard and he calls it the Vax ev. For his final year degree project at Vax headquarters in Worcestershire, Tyler decided to go for a sustainable creation. His design was so impressive that Vax picked it up for their line-up of recyclable vacuum cleaners.

# Cardboard Phonograph

Cardboard Phonograph

Audio engineering company GGRP have created The Folding Cardboard Phonograph made from corrugated cardboard material. The player houses a 45rpm record and just like any other record player you can spin it slowly or fast. The record player can be put together and it plays music for you.

# Cardboard Plotter

Cardboard Plotter

German artist Niklas Roy has come up with a Cardboard Plotter while giving lessons in a workshop organized by the School of Art and Design Offenbach, Germany. He put it together using a marker, cardboard, glue and some tape. The movement of plotter is controlled by moving one of the two dials on the cardboard.



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