Ultra-high resolution Google Art Camera preserves works of art in gigapixel images

Google Art Camera

You should definitely check new art scans at the Google Cultural Institute website because the collection has about 1,000 more entries now. Google has been scanning works of art using extremely high resolution cameras to capture precious works of art in a gigapixel image. Earlier, Google was dependent on third party for equipments, but now it has developed 20 units of its own ultra-high resolution ‘Google Art Camera’. The camera uses lasers and sonar to capture details of even the most minute brush stroke in a large painting.

That’s the reason Google has managed to scan 1,000 images in a short span of time as compared to 200 scans in last two years. The technology is not new. We have already seen 200 gigapilex scans from Google Institute, but now the new camera has made it easier and faster to scan painting and even large 3D objects.

The camera, when placed in front of a painting, detects available surface and sets off to scan the entire painting, moving inch by inch for close-up shots. The close up shots are then sent to Google server where they are stitched together to form a complete gigapixel image. The entire process may take few hours depending upon the size and details of paintings.

These detailed photos can be viewed online up close and zoomed in.

Google has already lent 20 units to different museums in various countries including India, Brazil, and Hong-Kong allowing them to digitize their collection for free.

Source: CNet



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