Google Image Search will now display sponsored ads to make shopping on mobile easier

Google Image Search
Google image search will now show shopping ads, announced Google ahead of its annual I/O developer conference this week. Google explained that newer filter buttons can also be used with the ads. It will allow customers to directly connect to retailers. The advertiser’s ads are part of the Google Search Network and ads will automatically qualify for display on Google Image Search.

The ads will appear right above the search results and below the search bar, as shown in the illustration. The users will be able to sort products by features lie color, type etc.


Other than this, Google has also rolled out plans to make its local inventory ads to allow stores to list products available in stock. The advertiser can add a store pickup link on the product page that appears after a user clicks on their local inventory add.

This new idea, according to Google, is a solution to most frequent inquiries including questions about the price and availability of products visible in image searches.

Google further explained that people searching on mobile phones at least once per week preferred product image as their shopping feature. On the other hand, Google is trying to combat a new trend. Recent surveys suggest that 44 percent of shoppers bypass Google search and go directly to reputed e-commerce sites such as Amazon for product search. Only 34 percent of shoppers are currently using search engines for shopping. There are 21 percent of those users who are loyal to particular brands and directly go to site of retailers to buy products.

Source: Business Insider



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