Build a cool DIY mini USB fan for your smartphone

USB fan for smartphone

Mini USB powered fans are available in abundance. You can buy one online, and there is nothing extraordinary in it. But creating your own DIY mini USB fan that can work with any smartphone is real fun. Creative Channel has posted a video showing step by step construction of a homemade USB fan. All you need is an OGT cable, coreless Motor 7×20 mm, heat shrink tubing, 5,5 centimeter propeller, 12Ω resistor, 0,8 mm fine wire, some paint, and soldering equipment. The entire project would take about one hour of your time, which would be worth it. Go through the video, and you’ll find it pretty easy to do –it-yourself.

Isn’t it cool? It’s like hacking your phone using OTG cable to derive power through USB to run a nifty little fan. After all summer is at its peak and you definitely want a gust of fresh air in your face.



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