Samsung Galaxy Surfboard displays coach’s instruction and tweets in real-time


Surfing is a cool sport, not only because you’re in the middle of the cool waters in scorching sun, also because it’s a sport to instill individual discipline and sense of judgment. With the newly prototyped surfboard by Samsung, the aspect of individuality associated with surfing may be in jeopardy. The Galaxy Surfboard (as it is called) is designed by Samsung in collaboration with design studio Leo Burnett.

The Galaxy Surfboard allows for a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone to be fitted inside the Surfboard’s concealed compartment to display quick tips from coaches and tweet with hashtags from fans and followers on the Surfboard’s integrated LED display in real time.

In addition to hastags and two cents from coaches, the Surfboard’s LED display also shows information about the tidal cycles, ocean condition and other surfing related information.


How many surfers would really want all the information served to them in real time when they’re riding the waves in full intensity? While Samsung figures out the viability of this Galaxy serious teaser, you watch champion Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina taking on the waves on a Galaxy Surfboard.

Via: Designboom



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