NetSpot creates visual heatmap of Wi-Fi signal strength in home/office

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What does a modern geek require to stay alive? Food, air, water and of course a Wi-Fi signal. Such is the requirement of modern life that you can’t do without internet connectivity, and it is mostly satisfied by a stable Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are in office or at home, lack of internet connectivity can bring your life to a virtual halt, only to be restored back when you reestablish Wi-Fi connectivity. Having a Wi-Fi connection is one thing, and ensuring that you make the most out of it is completely another.

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One app that Mac users love to have installed on their system is NetSpot which is a free utility to map wireless network(s) to analyze signal strength and find out any weak areas that need a fix. It also identifies any interfering Wi-Fi signals, so that you don’t experience any signal los in certain zones. Now, Windows users can also enjoy the goodness of NetSpot app, as it is free for download in the basic features. The only feature that isn’t available for now in Windows version is the ability to create multiple snapshots and zones in each survey.

As soon as you install the app it shows you the list of all the available networks in the area along with details like signal strength, channel information, security type and channel support. The app works in real time and you can walk around in your office or home to check signal strength in various sections. It creates a live heatmap of the Wi-Fi signal, thereby giving you a good idea of what’s happening.

NetSpot app for WiFi signal analysis

The best feature of NetSpot is the ability to create a visual map of your location and then give you the freedom to move around and see the signal. This comes-in very handy for offices or big houses where you need to identify the best place to place a router to get maximum Wi-Fi strength.

NetSpot free download app comes with good features, but for ones who need advanced features too, there is the option of buying the premium version.

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