Airbus APWorks creates 3D printed electric motorcycle for $56,000

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Airbus is definitely not a name that you’d associate with motorcycles. The aviation giant has no automotive bias anyway. Through its subsidiary APWorks, Airbus has developed a peculiar kind of bike – a 3D printed motorcycle called the Light Rider. The motorcycle unveiled in Germany last week weighs only 77 pounds and draws power from a six kilowatt electric engine which keeps it going for almost 37 miles on a single charge.

APWorks is a specialist in adaptive layer manufacturing. A reason the Light Rider is made with manufacturing technique not so effectively tried to build motorcycles. APWorks has 3D printed the motorbike using a 3D laser printing process wherein millions of alloy particles are melted together and then used to create thousands of thin layers not more than 60 microns thick.

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The 3D printed motorcycle frame looks solid but it’s hollow from within. The space inside the frame is used by designers to integrate cables, screws and pipes. The hollowness translates into a diet for the Light Rider that is almost 30 percent lighter than other motorcycles developed using conventional manufacturing process.

Despite the hollowness and 13 pounds of weight, the corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame is as strong as titanium, which is very durable.

If you want to own one of these amazing 3D printed motorcycles, you will have to shell out close of $56,000. Only 50 of these bikes will be made, so you must hurry if you want to be a proud own of this one-off bike.

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APWorks_Light_Rider_3D printed electric motorcycle

Source: AirbusGroup / via: Gizmodo



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