MIT researchers develop mind-controlled robotic fingers that respond like normal fingers

Robotic fingers by MIT team

Researchers at MIT have developed a hi-tech mind-controlled robotic hand that can be strapped around user’s wrist or to any other part of the arm. The hand consists of two fingers that are flexible enough move 180 degrees. User can also control it with hand gestures to perform certain functions. Each finger has four pitch servos and total setup uses 11 motors to serve as multi-purpose system that can perform a vast range of functions such as grabbing things (upto 1kg). The robotic hand’s palm opens against user’s own palm to assist in lifting a bucket, as a gripper, to hold a pen when your real fingers are busy or to work as a joystick to play games, and so on.

The team used Electromyography (EMG) technology to control the joints. EMG signal through MYO armband is gathered from muscles around the elbow to provide command to robotic fingers.

Robotic fingers by MIT team2

The robotic fingers are made using LEGO parts and were designed keeping in mind various factors and functions. Entire setup is designed in such a way as to prevent it from interfering with user’s natural abilities. It can immediately disengage when not needed and easily wraps around user’s wrist or arm like a wristband.

Robotic fingers by MIT team 3

These fingers can be used to perform different set of functions with ability to switch between use and non-use. The researchers hope to boost functionality of human hands by delivering additional fingers that can respond like user’s natural fingers.

Source: Daily Mail



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