China debuts new Transit Elevated Bus to combat traffic congestion

Transit elevated bus unveiled

Necessity is mother of invention, and Chinese have realized it because theirs is the most populated country in the world. The traffic congestion in its cities like Beijing and Shanghai is choking the roads. The best choice is to work in improving public transportation structure, and this is exactly what the Chinese engineers are doing. To counter the trouble cause by congestion, China has developed a Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), which was revealed at the 19th China Beijing International High-tech Expo held on last Sunday.

The video from the expos shows demonstration of new electric-powered TEB with a small-scale model. It looked like Chinese have found an incredible way to bypass traffic congestion and keep public transport smooth and affordable.

The TEB is elevated high above ground and it’s like a tunnel moving on rails that allows cars to drive underneath it. In case of long, unending traffic jams, which have become common trouble in Chinese cities, the TEB can bypass easily.

The TEB will carry 12,000 passengers at a time. Now, if we look at the benefits, the TEB is electric-powered, thus, zero-emission and it can carry over thousand passengers on every trip, and because it’s immune to traffic congestion, it would definitely encourage people to use public transport. To top it, both the construction cost and construction time are far less than building and maintain a subway.

But the demonstration showed only small cars and that leaves us wondering how TEB would respond to bigger, heavier vehicles like trucks and trailers. Mashable points out the lack of safety barriers meant to separate the cars from the bus, which can increase chances of collision.

But it was just a demo model and the TEB will be undergoing its first run and lot of testing scheduled in Qinhuangdao city in second half of 2016.



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