What could SkinTrack technology mean for the wearables market?

SkinTrack watchband prototype

SkinTrack watchband prototype

SkinTrack technology is a new idea by Future Interfaces Group that turns the user’s arm into a touchpad surface. From that touchpad, the user can play games, select music, and scroll up and down as they would on a smartphone or tablet. This invention could be a game changer in the world of wearable technology. Thus far, there has been much debate over the success of wearables such as smartwatches, but this added aspect could well help them to thrive. One of the most obvious uses for this piece of technology would be to enhance players’ gaming experience on smartwatches. So what can gamers expect should this tech hit the mainstream market?

What it allows you to do?

This high-tech idea is like a glimpse into the future of how games will one day be played. Just imagine that your arm is a mouse pad and your finger is the mouse. Smartwatches have small screens, so it has been hard for a lot of games that were hits on mobile and tablet to enjoy the same success in this scaled-down format. Games that require the user to swipe their finger across the screen, like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, are virtually impossible to play. With SkinTrack technology, players are able to make the swipe movement away from the watch, so they can always see what is happening on the screen, thus eliminating what has proved to be the key problem when playing games on smartwatches.

How existing games could incorporate it?

Game developers are understandably keen to conquer the wearables sector of the market, so the news that this technology is on the way will be encouraging. They will undoubtedly be looking into ways to exploit being able to use a player’s arm as a touchpad surface to enhance their games. Online casinos have always shown a willingness to embrace new technology and have already enjoyed great success by making their games available on mobiles and tablets, thus improving ease of access to their products.

The arcade style of online casino games would suit SkinTrack technology well, and the touchpad could be used to recreate the movement of the lever on a slot machine or to allow players to spin the roulette wheel by themselves. And, there’s no reason why 32Red roulette games providing the optimum pick up and play experience that allow for ease of access to its games couldn’t potentially take advantage of this new technology.

As with any gaming platform, user-friendliness is a key factor in wearables and, once that is achieved, the accessibility and portability of smartwatches could prove a major attraction to gamers. Of course, the limited space on smartwatches could still present some problems. Information about the history and rules of the game may be a bit hard to read on such small screens. However, if players use watch apps in tandem with their smartphones or tablets, it could provide an enriching experience between synchronized platforms.

Will it be a success?

After weighing up the potential uses of SkinTrack software, it certainly seems a promising prospect for the wearables and gaming markets. With technology as it currently stands, playing games on such a small screen is simply not appealing and there is no incentive for gamers to opt for a smartwatch over a tablet. However, there is no denying that smartwatches are more accessible and portable than tablets and, if they could incorporate SkinTrack technology in the ways suggested above to enhance the gaming experience, sales could well improve dramatically.



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