Pebble announces the Core – new workout tracker with Spotify streaming

The pebble core workout tracker 3

Pebble, mostly known for its smartwatches, recently unveiled its new gadget – the Core. It’s a standalone device packed with GPS, 3G modem, and music player/Spotify streaming, and workout tracker in tiny frame. The Core can be clipped to cloths or bags and it does not need you to carry smartphone during workouts or daily jogging.

The Core offers 4GB built-in storage that is enough to sync about 1000 Spotify tracks depending upon the size of files of course. You would have to connect either wired or wireless headphones to listen to tracks.

Pebble Core features a form of the Android OS, which facilitate easier connection to certain phones and more support. A rechargeable battery offer GSP tracking (with no music and Spotify streaming) for 20 hours in a single charge. The backup time comes down to 9 hours with internal playback and 4 hours if you stream Spotify tracks.
Further, The Core lets you send emergency SOS message and make calls to services like Uber if needed.

pebble core

Although, the device can track your distance via GPS and do step tracking, it can’t monitor heart-rate. Also, there is no display so you would have to wear a Pebble smartwatch that comes with built-in heart rate monitor and tracks distance/pace data to find it useful in real-time. There is no surprise such a tiny gadget has its own limitations.

the Core workout tracker

The Pebble Core was available for pre-order on Kickstarter, but it seems to have sold out all of the early bird units. Earlier, it was available for $70, but it may cost much more if you are not among the early takers.



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