Toyota buying Google’s Boston Dynamic – Creator of Big Dog and Atlas


As per reports, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is in talks with Google regarding sale of Boston Dynamics, the creator of amazing new generation of robots including the Big Dog and the Atlas robot. Google seems to have got puzzled about what to do with a robotic company when it doesn’t actually relate to this field. Further, the search engine giant is not confident about commercial prospects of the company’s products.

Tech Insider reported while there is no official announcement regarding it, the deal is almost confirmed. Moreover, many Google employees, as per Tech Insider, have either joined Toyota Research Institute or are about to do so. Even the co-founder of Google’s robotic division had left the company to join TRI. Google was also not interested in developing robots for military applications, so it does make lot of sense to sell off the Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics

On the other hand, Toyota, one of world’s leading automotive manufactures, is looking to develop crash-proof automated cars and is also working on integrating artificial intelligence to its future products.

For past couple of years, a friction was noticed between two because Google was pushing Boston Dynamics to deliver a consumer robot. Boston Dynamics has worked hard on developing robots that are capable of interacting to different environments and also adapting to them. Everyone has seen the Big Dog video in which the robot didn’t lose its balance despite being kicked by a member of the testing team. The robotic dog was shown climbing up stairs and running on uneven terrain making instant adaptations.

It would be interesting to watch what future Toyota envisions for Boston Dynamics.

Source: Tech Times



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