Russia unveils high-tech humanoid military robot ‘Ivan the Terminator’

Russian Military robot

Although, AI experts suggest Russia is already well equipped with significant power to launch attack on other countries, a new high-tech entrant has fueled this assumption. Russia seems to have scared western nations as it has gone one step ahead in creating a humanoid robotic soldier, Ivan the Terminator, as replacement to humans in battlefield or in any situation that pose risk to humans. Russia is extensively working on artificial intelligence and considering its advancement in robotics, it is competing with US and China. People think such developments in military weaponry could lead to increase in threat of war.

These robots are remote-controlled via special motor suite worn by a human. Robot can accurately repeat the exact movement of the user by reading the fine motor skills of the neck, shoulder, hands and fingers. It can even drive a vehicle by automatically scanning the road for blockages or barriers. However, in future, there is every possibility that these robots would become fully-autonomous, which sounds scary.

ivan the terminator

Super-solider Ivan the Terminator isn’t the only one in focus. Russia is making heavy investments into aerial drones, tank drones and various type of other military vehicles controlled by robots.

These high-tech robots would be able to replace human in emergency areas with risk of explosion, fire, radiation etc. But Russia’s priority is to focus on special robots for military use to strengthen military structure in the nation.

Source: Mirror



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