A 360 degree live VR streaming camera that clips onto any smartphone  

360 degree live VR streaming camera

Do you feel dejected because your smartphone is in capable of shooting in 360-degree virtual reality?  Worry no more, at the Computex trade show in Taipei, ImmerVision and joined hands with Quanta Computers to collaboratively unveil the world’s first 360 degree live VR streaming camera for all smartphones. Still to be named, this device is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and can attach magnetically to any smartphone under the sun.

The VR streaming camera rig comes with 360 degree x 187 degree Sony Exmor HDR sensor enabled lens that allows your attached smartphone to deliver 16MP panoramic images.

In addition to its ability to click 360 degree panoramic shots, the camera rig features microphone and a USB port onboard. The camera allows a smartphone to stream live panoramic videos over Wi-Fi and also has built-in storage to save the shots.

Interestingly, the 360 degree live VR streaming camera can be used in standalone mode i.e., you can attach it to clothing, bikes, or even drones to capture in-action shots and show off your virtual reality photography skills.

There is no word on the price and availability of the camera rig yet, but like all of you, we are waiting for this one anxiously.

Via: Forbes



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