Apple San Francisco store to go 100% solar with photovoltaic glass floor

apple solar floor

You already know about Apple’s claimed concern for reducing carbon footprint in production of its electronic products. New Apple Campus/Spaceship Office are already on solar power supplied from a solar system capable of generating whopping 5 MW of power. So, Solar Energy would be the primary source to supply energy needed for operation of the entire campus. Now, Apple has announced installment of a floor at the Apple San Francisco Store to trap more of sun’s power. The giant claims the installment would offset as much as 61 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The installation will be undertaken by OnyxSolar. The company claims the floor will generate enough energy to make this building 100 percent solar-powered. As per OnyxSolar, the new walkway will consist of 130 modules of glass, and is expected to generate over 90,000kWh of energy annually harvesting sunlight.

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Solar roofs are common and more efficient because of lesser obstruction as compared to a busy walkway or floor, but still it makes a lot of sense to extend photovoltaics to floor surface too. Researchers are working hard to develop flexible and very thin solar panels that will overtake everything from the surface of textiles to artificial skins for accessories.

So, Apple is doing fine boosting clean energy generation for operation of its buildings. Apple was reported as spending hefty 500 percent more on solar power resources. Cupertino giant is working to achieve what Tim Cook had envisioned for the company – leading the way in sustainable, green design. Well, every electronic device manufacture must show a decent level of guilt for what manufacturing smartphones/device costs to nature, if you know what we mean to say here.

Source: Pocket-Lint



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