Zenta biometric band manages stress and happiness for emotional wellbeing

Vinaya Zenta biometric band

In the data-driven world, where even slightest of your personal time is spent amid notifications and messages; the idea of re-establishing a connection with self is lost somewhere. Result – a lot of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. To correct this and to let people have a sense of emotional wellbeing through a wearable device; London-based design house Vinaya has launched Zenta – world’s first wearable biometric band for emotional wellbeing. The wearable is designed to help an individual understand his/her behavioral pattern and then share the same in the form of art. Vinaya calls this art from as Biometric Art and informs that these would be featured at the Art Basel this year.

Vinaya Zenta biometric band-2

According to Vinaya, their biometric band is packed with more advanced sensor than on the Apple Watch that allows the band to aggregate emotional user data instead of fitness statistics. Zenta’s sensors collect physiological data including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and respiration and a cross reference of this data is carried out against user’s smartphone data such as social media involvement, location, calendar update etc to derive an insight that can be used to formulate behavioral data. The more Zenta is used, the more accurate its gets with identifying emotional responses and chalk out your behavioral pattern.

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Currently on Indiegogo for crowdfunding, Zenta could be that personalized wearable to help us make sense of our emotional state. It could help us understand and rectify our stress parameters to help decrease stress levels and increase happiness.

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