These emoji riddles have broken the internet

emoji riddles

With new advances and apps comes new ways to enjoy games or challenge your brain, whilst having fun at the same time. The rise of the emoji can’t be denied, so it was only a matter of time before they found a new use – other than simply expressing the feelings or opinions of someone when they’re sending a WhatsApp, Facebook or other form of message. Emoji riddles (such as this London Underground riddle which drove everyone crazy last year) are keeping people guessing. If you’d prefer not to be stumped like everyone else, you can see how a more simple formation works here.

We’re going to look at some riddles across the themes of celebrities, films, sport stars and songs to allow you to get involved. See if you can solve them.


See if you can guess the famous people behind these two awesome emoji riddles…

  • Sometimes you have to know a star’s nickname to truly work it out, as you can see with this brain teaser. Let’s just say she’s adored by everyone.
  • You may have to consider a beloved character that the celebrity has played – that’s the trick with this actor. He’s certainly a national treasure in the UK.


These kid-friendly movies can be worked out easily…

  • Guess this Disney riddle and be reminded of a true Pixar classic. Don’t always think of the riddles as spelling something out – instead, look at the whole thing together.
  • This one shows an array of popular emoji’s – we can almost guarantee you’ll get it straight away! It’s a true family favourite.

Sports stars

Can you guess the athletes in these emoji riddles?

  • This riddle gives a pretty big clue as to what the sport is… but can you work out who it is?
  • Who is this successful sport star? Have you sussed out the feline clue?


See if you can work out the tunes behind these final teasers:

  • We apologies if you get this song stuck in your head after working this one out!
  • This 2012 hit is a real party tune. Look at the whole picture to work it out.

If you haven’t tried emoji riddles before, we hope this has given you a taste for a new, modern version of a brain teaser – it certainly beats some more traditional methods, or at least mixes it up a little. If you want to try more, you can test your movie emoji knowledge on the Ladbrokes website. Once you’ve got the knack for it, why not make up your own and send them to your friends and family? That’s one way to get the brain working on a Monday morning.



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