Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds with fitness tracking capabilities are worth it

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While Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 is meant for the serious fitness freaks, the company has an accessory for casual fitness lovers too. Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds look funky, but are they good enough for the price? Well, that you’ll have to decide after reading about these earbuds meant for urban lifestyle. Unlike the Earity wireless earbuds, these are compact and well designed, but not as compact as the Earin wireless earbuds. IconX earbuds play music, act as your personal coach, monitor your heartbeat, count the calories burnt and counts your runs/steps. So, Samsung is clearly offering an accessory that assists in most of your daily life chores.

The earbuds have 4GB of internal storage to store your favorite music tracks and the 47mAh battery lasts for about 3 hours of continuous playback. When you stream music from your smartphone the earbuds last for only hour and half, as The Verge reported after trying them on for quite a while. When the batteries run dry, simply put the earbuds in the case for charging two times over. Sadly, the earbuds will only work with Android devices for now, and compatibility with iOS devices is not assured in the future.

Coming on to the performance of these earbuds, they sound crisp and clear. Unlike other earbuds that have the odd glitch in synced playback from both earbuds, IconX earbuds have no such issues. The treble and bass level is good, while the voice clarity levels are excellent thanks to the dynamic driver.

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For fitness oriented people the water-resistant earbuds offer Voice Guide (in 15 languages) data without the need to connect with smartphone. After your workout is done, the data can be transferred and managed on your smartphone with S Health app.

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Having a price tag of $199.99 these earbuds will lure you for sure once they are available for purchase in Q3 2016. Gear IconX earbuds will be available in black, blue and white colors which sounds exciting.

Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds

Source: Samsung



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