Smart tampon tracks women’s reproductive health using menstrual blood

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Ridhi Tariyal and Stephen Gire, brains behind the Smart tampon

Women often want to keep tabs on what’s happening inside of them. It is seen that women rarely have ways to keep track of their fertility and sometimes don’t even have a way of knowing what’s happening on the inside. Doctors have ways to track various aspects of a woman’s reproductive health, but this information is only available when something goes wrong – there is trouble conceiving or maybe pain begins to develop. To help women keep track of their reproductive health more proactively – Indian-American Ridhi Tariyal and colleague Stephen Gire are developing a smart tampon that could be one of the most intimate wearables yet.

A vast number of women’s health issues go unnoticed until they begin to create problems. With the radical new NextGen Jane’s smart tampon technology (NextGen Jane is how Ridhi and Stephen call their startup working on the smart tampon) women will not have to wait for annual checkups to detect problems but will be able to track health by analyzing their blood samples at home – no lab required.

Ridhi, who first met Stephen in a Harvard infectious diseases lab, has been working on the smart tampon since 2013. NextGen Jane’s smart tampon, a collective effort of the two, will be designed to collect women’s menstrual blood. Using effective technology, the blood would be tested for a host of biomarkers. The information will relayed to a database from where the woman will be able to keep tabs on her reproductive health every month and the ovarian reserve over a period of time.

Ridhi and Stephen have chosen to stay tight lipped on how the smart tampon would work. NextGen Jane has recently closed a round of seed funding with Access Industries and is believed to be carrying out clinical trials before the tampon can be brought to the market.

Via: Harvard/FastCompany



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