Drill-powered skateboard is one crazy idea for DIY’ers

Drill powered skateboard

You can get a new age electric skateboard for yourself, but where’s the fun in that? For creative geeks like you and me the best options is to spend the weekend building something that is unique and exciting. Youtube user [Inspire To Make] has got quite a few impressive DIYs under their belt and this one just crashed their popularity meter. A drill-powered electric skateboard which you can also make at home.

By hacking one wheel of the skateboard to fit the drill mouth, Igor managed to power the skateboard with a full grown adult on-board. That’s a cool way to get around in traffic and roads with elevation, if the skateboard can handle ascends as neatly as on level surfaces. Although it might look a bit awkward but you’ll have to hold the drill in one hand to move forward. Press the drill button and the skateboard shoots in forward direction.

Unlike other DIYs this one is not cheap and opposed to your imagination this one will cost around $700 to complete. The solution is kind of clever on part of the maker, but also you can imagine looking a bit stupid holding that drill all the while as you zip past onlookers and maybe the odd motorist.

We still don’t know the top speed of this drill-powered skateboard or the distance it can assist the rider, but still it is something different and fun to try out.

Via: Gizmodo



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