World’s first 1911 twin handguns made from 4.5 billion year old meteorite


Last year, Cabot Guns, the Rolls-Royce of firearms, had announced releasing twin 1911handguns made from Gibeon meteorite that had crashed on earth approx 4.5 billion year ago, and was discovered in Namibia in the 1830s. And the company did unveil twin handguns, nicknamed the “Big Bang Pistol Set” that are actually made from the said meteorite.


According to the company, it took five months of painstaking work of extracting material from the meteorite and shaping it into gun parts including the slides, frames, triggers, magazine release, and grips. The making process include x-rays, 3D modeling, electron-beam welding, and EDM wire cutting carried out with care.

According to Rob Bianchin, founder of Cabot Guns,

It hasn’t been done before and that’s the kind of thing that drives me. Meteor is rare, more so than terrestrial precious metals and I wanted to create a set of guns that were formed from a material that had intrinsic value.

Obviously, these special ‘extraterrestrial edition twin guns’ are expensive. As per CNN report, the company was offered over $1 million at an auction a couple of months back. However, Cabot put the price way higher at $5.4 million. If sold for this price, the Big Bang guns would become the most expensive handguns.

Source: Oddity Central



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