Durable and flexible graphene-based OLED developed in Korea

graphene-based OLED

We are not new to flexible displays, we have seen a host of flexible display iterations from various manufactures over time. Following the league of some mainstream developers, team of researchers in Korea has developed graphene-based organic light emitting diode (OLED) which can be rolled up or bent repeatedly without hassle.

The highly efficient, flexible OLED panel made from graphene capable of withstanding repeated bending could find applicable use in wearable gadgets and smart clothing of the future. The panel has been developed in a joint venture by a team led by Yoo Seung-hyup, from School of Electrical Engineering of KAIST, and Lee Tae-woo, from Materials Science and Engineering Department of POSTECH.

The OLED panel is made using a stack structure comprising multiple layers of graphene, titanium oxide and conductive polymers. The new OLED display ensures more brightness by increased resonance and offers better light transmission. Thanks to the robust properties of titanium oxide, the OLED panel can withstand four times more strain from bending as compared with the current OLED panels.

Explaining the effectiveness of resonance Yoo Seung-hyup said,

If we use an appropriate level of resonance in OLED, it is possible to improve not only efficiency but also the color gamut.

Flexible OLED displays for now have reached as far as curved screen phones and TVs. These displays are not really bendable and flexible to the core. To be really flexible, OLED panel needs to be really robust to endure endless bending and folding. The new flexible OLED panel by Korean researchers guarantees a future where displays could move past the curved displays to our clothing, bags and the gadgets of course.  

Via: ScienceDaily



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