Volt lighter is made from recycled materials and it lights without fuel

VOLT Lighter

While most of us are busy polluting the environment and contributing to climate change, there are some tinkering with our trash to build products that could help change the world for good. Case in point the Volt lighter – a rechargeable lighter that does not use liquid fuel. Dubbed as the most eco-friendly lighter ever made, Volt is made from recycled products and unlike plastic lighters is made to last for a lifetime.

Volt lighter features a micro USB port to be charged like a regular cellphone. The lighter features fast charge technology which allows it to be charged in five odd minutes and can hold charge for over a month depending on the frequency of course. wind and waterproof Volt lighter can be used to light up anything from candles to bonfire and from cigarettes to incense.

According to the makers, who have been running an Indiegogo campaign, the Volt lighter is ready for production. In case you like the idea, you can support it by making a pledge.



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