Edible Google Cardboard VR headset made from graham cracker and icing

Edible Google Cardboard

Debate about the best VR headset is not going to fade away, since it is going to be an integral part of our life. Google Cardboard, so far, has emerged as the most affordable virtual reality headset that turns your smartphone into a tool for viewing VR applications. The dirt cheap VR headset has been around for a long time and we were bound to see an interesting take on Google Cardboard.

Enjoy VR content and gulp it down after that!

Makezine editors by accident came across the idea of making an edible Google Cardboard VR headset, and apparently it caught our eye. Caleb Craft took the idea seriously and set out on making an Edible Google Cardboard. Since it was going to be an edible VR headset, he actually wanted to make it from edible material, not just make it look like an edible headset. The material for choice to make the VR headset was graham cracker and icing. Sounds delicious already!

All of the VR headset is edible apart from the lenses (obviously) which makes this cool idea sound and taste good. Due to a short time frame Caleb bought biconvex lenses and set out making the Edible Google Cardboard. Of course, they can be made from a mold of sugar glass and gelatin, but he went with the non-edible version this time.
Two graham crackers are stuck together with icing to maintain structural strength. After a bit of experimenting, he managed to put together a graham cracker VR headset and view VR content on it by slipping a smartphone into the equation. As you can see from the video, he gulped it down (except the lenses) and proved it was just icing and graham cracker.



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