Ever wanted to charge your Android phone with an iPhone? Zuo Charge makes it possible

Zuo Charge Midnight Cable S2

Have you ever thought of charging your Android device with iPhone or vice-versa? I bet you haven’t because it’s not possible. Therefore, Spanish firm Zuo Charge comes into picture with its interesting accessory. Midnight Black S2, as they call it, is a Micro-USB to lighting/Micro-USB connector which turns any compatible device into a power bank. Virtually turn any OTG-enabled device into a power bank for emergency charging.

Zuo Charge Midnight Cable S2_2

Midnight Black S2 cable has a tiny form-factor to avoid tangles and looks like a keychain which can be carried anywhere. Depending on your requirements or the devices you are most likely to use, the cable comes in two options: Micro USB to Lightning Cable or Micro USB to Micro USB.

One device will act as the host and other one with a dying battery as the client to receive battery power through the host. The cable also acts as a transfer cable, just like any other lighting cable or USB cable to exchange music, videos, photos and other files.

Zuo Charge Midnight Cable S2_1

The only thing that makes me doubt it functionality is the lack of any concrete video demonstration showing the charging of one phone from another. Also, how will the user set one phone as the host and other as client has not been made clear in the product description?

If all that is made clear, Zuo Charge Midnight Black S2 cable is worth the discounted price of £12.50.



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