TraxPack: A smart wheeled bag with tank-tracks to deal with stairs

Wheeled suitcase is easy to maneuver, but becomes tedious to drag up on stairs. The wheeled bags nowadays are coming with features like smartphone charging and smart-lock, but TraxPack has more to offer. The TraxPack has location tracking powered by GSM and GPRS, two ports for charging portable devices, and an integrated scale that lets user measure their luggage weight and manage it accordingly, like in against airline requirements.


The body is made from aluminum polycarbonate material and it features two tank-like tracks on one side. Whenever users faces a ‘stair situation’, they can flip it on one side to pull it up much easily as included tracks allow free-rolling of the bag.

TraxPack includes a removable battery pack upgradable upto 20,000 mAh and two USB charging ports. It also features a built-in LED flash light and serves as a stand for mobile devices. It measures 56 x 35 x 22 cm and weighs 3.6 kg. The bag is approved for its lock mechanism by the Transportation Security Administration.


A Kickstater crowdfunding campaign is inviting pledges starting from US $189 (at the time of writing). If it achieves its goal, backers can expect shipping of TraxPack suitcase around March 2017.




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