Rise of live technology and how it is changing the internet

live technology internetThe rise of the Internet and the devices we use to access it has been a swift evolution. With this speed of upgrading technology, we now move from just reading websites and watching the odd video to streaming content on a live basis and on demand. Here are some of the ways our world has changed for the better, through the technology of the Internet.

Social media and live video

Gone are the days of having to wait to hear about world developments through newspapers or the television, now we only have to look to Social Media to get the latest news. When world events take place, there is no doubt the live press conference will be streamed online or some member of the public will lift their phone and stream the footage straight onto Twitter, Facebook, or some other service offering streaming. With more and more becoming available every day, these are the new forms of news gathering, leaving many older forms of news reporting in the past.

Streaming films and shows

Just as live streaming through Social Media is a threat to modern reporting, some argue that services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are changing the way we watch other forms of entertainment. Be it a movie or a television show we have easy access to the top ones online and have the ability to “binge watch” our favorite shows. With Netflix and Amazon creating their own shows and major movies now, it looks like the world of entertainment is changing to be even more versatile.

Twitch and the rise of live gaming

Twitch, and YouTube are at the forefront of live streaming when it comes to gaming, and this is proving to be a very popular way to watch the latest games being played. With the rise of professional gaming, and eSports there is a huge market for watching these events as they happen, and Twitch is a company that has tapped into that. With modern consoles and the desktop PC making it even easier to stream gaming, more and more people are showing off their gaming skills, and making money from it, so expect this market to continue to grow for some time.

Online gambling 

It comes as no surprise that the online casino market would tap into the power of live streaming. Most online casinos in the UK offer services such as live roulette and plenty of other casino games; it has never been easier to spend a little cash on a lucky gamble. With the world of professional poker also tapping into the ability to live stream games, live casino platforms are flourishing on the Internet. Through smart decisions and the understanding of the customers, the online casino business is tapping into the latest technology to provide the best service for gamers worldwide.

Supporting the customer

With all of these forms of entertainment, there is always the chance that something could go wrong. This creates a need for support for the customers, and many times this needs to be instantaneous. Many sites now offer customer support not only through email or the phone but live customer support through live chat windows on the sites. This means the customer now has even easier methods of getting help with needed.

The internet is an ever-changing technology offering plenty of ways to be entertained. The next step may be virtual reality or other forms of interaction, but for now streaming is the way to go. With faster connections and improving bandwidths there is no doubt that streaming will improve, meaning the future is looking very bright for not only the customers but the companies that are.



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