Apple gets go-ahead to construct ‘landfill gas to electricity’ plant in North Carolina

Apple landfill-gas-plant

A few days ago Apple had officially become a power company as it registered its subsidiary ‘Apple Energy LCC’ in Delaware (run from Cupertino headquarters). We are already aware of Apple’s stress on solar energy and this solidifies it further. Apple is pushing renewable energy movement and now it is generating more than it needs, so the giant will sell excess energy to the US. Now, Apple has obtained permission from North Carolina to establish a facility that will generate electricity from methane gas rising from landfill waste. The plant will be based in Catawba County. Not only will it generate electricity from waste, but will also prevent methane, a greenhouse gas, from dissipating into the atmosphere.

Apple has received nod to construct a landfill gas energy plant in North Carolina that would be allowed to operate for 16 years with an option to extend it for five more years.

In a separate Landfill Gas Sales Agreement with Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc., the county agreed to sell about 40 percent of its landfill methane. Quadrogen will treat the methane for use in the Apple facility, said a report.

Apple is feeding its North Carolina data center on a mix of solar and biogas cells. Also, the San Fransico Apple store is getting solar floor that is expected to generate enough energy to go off the grid. So, there is a great possibility that Apple is silently heading to become a green power company, which is what’s expected from a name such as Apple. Manufactures, no matter how big or small, consume energy and generate carbon footprint, so each one of them is supposed to make up for messing up with the environment.

Source: Engadget 




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