Lenovo Smart Shoes have fitness tracking features and act as gaming controller too

Lenovo Smart Shoes

Lenovo made quite a few announcements at their Tech World Conference 2016 like the Moto Z line-up of flagship phones and Google’s Project Tango enabled Phab devices. Another announcement at the event that we couldn’t afford missing was this smart running shoe made in collaboration with Vibram who have made similar shoes in the past too. These fashion-forward as-well-as technologically advanced shoes perform standard fitness tracking functions like counting the number of steps, distance travelled on foot, calories burned in a day and activity tracking.

The smart shoes are somewhere in between a prototype and production version which makes them very interesting innovation. That said, Lenovo has no plans to push these sneakers into production anytime soon.

Lenovo Smart Shoes make use of Intel Curie Chip and the insoles are 3d printed with the option to customize it to user’s needs. Along with the ability to do some basic fitness tracking tasks, the shoes also double as a controller for games, especially motion tracking ones. The shoes look mostly like any other pair of fashionable sneakers, and that makes them perfect for commercial market.

To charge the electronics, you just have to put them on a wireless charging panel. This innovation seems interesting and Lenovo is heading in the right direction. There is no word on the pricing of these shoes yet, since Lenovo has no plans to make a production version of them.

Via: TheVerge



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