Lenovo shows-off flexible, wearable phone and foldable tablet at Tech World 2016

lenovo tech world 2016
Lenovo Tech World 2016 is rocking so far. Earlier, Lenovo had announced it new Phab 2 lineup including Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango AR technology. Now, Lenovo displayed near future of next generation portable gadgets – wearable with foldable or bendable design. The devices are only prototypes and the company has not released any commercial version yet. Two of such devices showed off by Lenovo included a phone that can be worn like a bracelet and a tablet that transforms into phone if folded. As per reports, both of these flexible devices with really flexible screens run on Android.

It’s quite noticeable how Lenovo successfully managed to bend battery and motherboard without losing rigidity, which the device would require to regain its shape as a slab. The prototypes show a sort of bulge at the bottom, which suggest a housing for delicate and unbendable components. The back is rubbery and the devices are framed in rubber.

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The tablet, on the other hand, features a hinge on the centre rear to allow bending in half. The OS is shown adapting well to varying form factors as it stretched and bent. There was no word from Lenovo about the availability of these devices for consumers. But, definitely, electronic manufactures would be eyeing on flexible and bendable electronic devices. Moreover, if a user can wear his/her smartphone like a wrist-watch, why anyone would care to spend on smartwatches.

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