3D printed ‘Awelectric’ jacket stimulates goosbumps to induce positive mood

3d printed goosebump jacket

Sensoree has already rolled out many tech-saturated fashion accessories, and now it has come up with one more, dubbed as Awelectric- a 3D printed jacket that creates tingly sensation we call goosebumps. Inspired by UC Berkely study that suggests goosebumps induce positive moods in people and funded by MU Artspace in the Netherlands, designer Kristin Neidlinger surrounded herself with technology, 3D Print, sound and design experts for assistance to make it real.

3d printed goosebump jacket 3

The jacket is constructed from commonly used PLA plastic and Power Mesh Fabric bonded together in a surprisingly dependable way. Using a combination of open-source RepRap 3D printers and the Makerbot Replicator units, hexagon fractals were produced. These fractals are liked to an expanding membrane and represent an exaggerated version of goosebumps.

In the video, the design can be seen moving around naturally depending on the flow and shift of the wearer’s body. To influence the release of goosebumps across the body, 3D printed goosebumps pinches and pulls gently at the wearer’s arm.

A series of biosensors – GSR excitement, breath, and heart rate variability – reads the emotional peak of wonder and fear and triggers inflatable 3D print goosebumps. Then, that sensation is sent to another via sound fabric. Embroidered speakers play the frequency to make hair stand on end,

Explained Kristin.

3d printed goosebump jacket 7

Kristin believes that in near future each one of us would be wearing clothing embedded with one of other type of technology, and that is why she is preparing with her blend of 3D printed fabrics.

3d printed goosebump jacket 4




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