Five major announcements coming out of Apple’s WWDC 2016


At the annual software conference – the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple chief executive Tim Cook and company took to the stage and had amazing announcements to make. Some of these finest and freshest announcement from Apple ranged across company’s spectrum of products including the Mac computers, iPhone, Apple TV and the company’s only wearable, the Apple Watch.  The incremental updates came for the OS’s in almost everything from Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV in addition to a few updates for Siri, iMessage and Maps. We have here touched on the five most important announcements from the conference.

Watch OS 3 promises speed and safety

Apple Watch users have often complain about the lag in opening apps on the watch. Apple has taken note of it and the freshly announced Watch OS 3 is almost seven times faster than the previous version, Apple claims. OS 3 brings a host of new watch faces which can be toggled through with a swipe instead of the hanky-panky 3D touch.

Apple Watch is largely used for its fitness tracking features, a reason you’d have it on at least while playing, jogging or in the gym if not at other times during the day. Watch OS 3 brings an update where active users will be able to dial 911 automatically from the watch by simply pressing the hold button for three seconds (in case of emergency). To ensure calls aren’t made accidently, it is possible to cancel the call within next 10 seconds. When the call is complete, user’s location and emergency contact is sent out by the watch to the authorities.

Pay from Safari using Apple Pay

In a visionary announcement for the web service, Apple has made it possible for users to make payments online through Safari using Apple Pay. The user’s access will be authenticated through TouchID and the service will be available in US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia. Apple Pay service for Safari will be launched in France, Hong Kong and Switzerland soon.

Boost to the Apple TV

Starting with the best – Sling TV is coming to Apple TV. So, you can now stream all you live services from Sling on the Apple TV set top box, chic! Additionally, Apple’s announced a new Remote app for the iPhone and iPad. Now you can type in all text fields using the mobile device.

Siri for Apple TV is better than ever now. User can command the TV (using Siri) to search videos on YouTube or change a channel. Additionally, Apple TV gets a new sign in feature – sign in once to the Apple’s online network service and you’re automatically logged onto all compatible network services.

OS X is Mac OS now – no confusion please

OS X is now Mac OS and whether you like it or not it’ll be called Sierra. Idealized as a new OS guaranteeing continuity across devices, the beta version of the OS will be available for public in July. Sierra will allow you to carry out one copy/paste action on multiple devices. Mac desktop can now be shared on cloud and accessed from a different machine using iCloud – that some ease. The new OS also adds a feature that would allow you to open your Mac using the Apple Watch.

Amazingly, Siri comes to Sierra – which means to the desktop itself. Accessible from the top right corner of the screen or through a dock, Siri on the Mac will let you do a host of things like finding files, searching the web and even using standard desktop functions only through voice commands.

Home app is closest Apple fanboys can get to Amazon Echo and Google Home

With iOS 10 Apple will introduce the Home app. An essential app that will sort all the HomeKit devices for good. This is possible since the app features all smart hub supports including scenes. I.e. you can build a good night scene that makes the lights go off and music begins to weaken.

Further interesting is the Siri integration in the Home app. This means you can tell Siri to do all the scene setting and device controlling for you while you relax.

In addition to the above mentioned announcements, Apple had some revamps to announce for the Music, Maps and News apps. Apple also unveiled the iOS 10 with an interactive lock screen, personalized widgets on the home screen and host of other features we will discuss in a separate article.

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