Apple iOS 10 gets noticeable updates, here’s a detailed look at them

Apple iOS 10

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple made some key announcements which will decide the course for the next twelve months. Major updates included tweaks and improvements for Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV. As promised earlier in the detailed article about those major announcements at WWDC, we here concentrate on what iOS 10 update brings on the platter for Apple iPhone and iPad users. Simply because there are more than 1 billion iOS devices being used globally. The operating system has been kind of revamped from bottom up and gives us a chance to discuss about all the new features worth mentioning. And yes, Tim Cook did mention that iOS 10 is the mother of all releases.

# Messaging

The major chunk of changes/upgrades come to the messaging engine of iOS 10 which wants to keep up with funky Facebook and WhatsApp emojis. That is just the tip of the iceberg as Apple completely wants to overhaul how you message from your iPhone or iPad. You have truck load of emojis to choose from and during typing text there are going to be predictive emojis too. As you write down the text, there are going to be highlighted texts which can be replaced by emojis. That is something interesting from Apple.
How the recipient receives the message can also be tweaked. For example the size of message bubble or invisible messages which can only be revealed once the recipient slides a finger over it. You can also try the handwritten messages or embellish your messages with extravagant effects like firework or adding confetti to the message screen.

# Lock Screen Notifications

Finally Apple is going to make the lock screen more interactive, and you’d say that a lot of it is copied from Android. To be frank it is, but Android too has been copying some of Apple’s feature too. Ok, coming onto the lock screen feature, your Apple device’s screen will be turned on every time you lift it. It will show notifications in black and white mode to save battery, and the feature is called Rise to Wake. Of course you can interact with notifications from the lock screen with 3D Touch enabled devices like iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. For example a notification from messaging app can be replied without even going beyond the lock screen. Other noticeable changes include pulling up the music player with a right to left swipe on the screen and opening the camera app with swipe from right.

# RAW Photos

Google’s Photos app brought meaningful image search with object and scene recognition. For example searching for all your kitten’s photos is way better now. Apple just couldn’t resist copying that feature and with their Memories tab you can sort out photos that you want. Also Apple wants to bring RAW photos to their devices and you’ll be able to edit and save RAW photos which gives you more freedom. Especially for photographers who like to shoot in RAW mode. It won’t be surprising if one can shoot RAW images from the device too.

# Improvements with Siri

The best voice assistant out there just got better with the new iOS 10 update. Now you can send messages using Siri via third-party apps like WeChat or WhatsApp. This will come in handy while you are occupied with some task that restricts you from typing. You can do much more than before with the voice assistant and it good to see Apple open-up this platform to enhance the experience of users.

Other than that Apple has brought refreshing changes to Home app and animations, Apple Music app and Maps. Also Apple wants to give more control to users with the option to delete stock apps. People having iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are going to benefit the most from this update which all goes well for Apple.

Source: Apple Via: Yahoo



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