5 end users who can rely on rugged laptops

Panasonic Toughbook

Your job or work is something you cannot ignore; along with that in today’s tech savvy world; a computer is what you essentially need to help increase your productivity at work. While most normal desk jobs within a secure working environment require ordinary computers and laptops which perform well in terms of speed, have good performance and so on; there are few end-users whose field of work and environment necessitates them to rely only on rugged computers.

Rugged computers can keep on performing even in harsh conditions which would normally damage conventional computers. Toughbooks are one of the most secure and manageable rugged products in the industry, and with it the end users have not only been increasing their productivity but also accrued significant financial advantages by eliminating future recurring repair costs and overheads incurred during restoration of lost data.

Regardless of bad weather, difficult work situations, extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions; rugged computers like the Panasonic Toughbooks measures up to all of them. Though they are essentially catering to a wide range of industries; here is a list of five end users who can rely on them.


The standards used to rate the ruggedness of equipment is done by the military and hence it is no surprise that the rugged Toughbooks are used by military personnel at the battlefield and many other support assignments. Rugged computers are used for many functions on the battlefield beyond typical computer tasks. They can provide combat communications, situational awareness, surveyor mapping, combat medical care, and interrogation of suspected terrorists. The military usage requires exposure to a range of hostile environments and the device needs to function well in all these extreme situations. Besides the standard (MIL-STD-810G) testing; computers for the military usually undergo third-party independent testing as well.

Public safety

Whether it is for police, fire, or any other area of public safety; Toughbooks facilitates public safety officials to make critical decisions that save lives and resources. Rugged computers have become popular a while back with the public safety industry and also used by police vehicles. But the new trend also calls for rugged tablets used for mobility during data collection, tracking patient data, navigating unfamiliar routes as well as pre-planning for fire departments and other such public safety requirements. Rugged devices can endure all these harsh environment conditions like fire, constant movement, and increased durability to help increase productivity of the individuals working in the public safety industry.

Oil & gas

Spending a lot of time in remote pipeline locations and on oil rigs; oil and gas personnel are working in environments which aren’t very gentle on technology. Toughbooks tested for military standards can easily endure these conditions keeping all the important information secure and enabling the user to focus better on their job. Besides this, the ultra mobile Toughpad tablets ensure maximum efficiency by keeping offshore and oil patch workers connected and hence much more efficient.

Transportation & logistic solutions

Few of the examples of how rugged laptops can make work easier and more productive for employees engaged in transportation and logistics include- trucking carriers using rugged computers to extend digital workflows, intelligent route planning and reduced delivery errors, shipping companies staying connected with their drivers at all times, railways using the rugged devices for data analysis, logistics tracking and automated dispatch, etc. While no industry asks more of mobile computing than transportation; Toughbook can help deliver hardware-based encryption and high performance —that takes mobility to a whole new level.


The computer utilized during mining and drilling requires being tough enough to withstand challenges like vibrations, dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations as mining and drilling need to be done in a very harsh environment. The industry can rely on rugged mobile devices and computers to track vehicles, maintenance activities, supplies updates, handle timekeeping and many other real-time communications. This helps in not only saving time by reduced paperwork; but also in reducing labor costs, data errors and overall streamlining various job functions across the industry.

Besides these various other industries such as- emergency services, healthcare, field services, government, construction, warehouse workers, surveyors, and many more –utilize rugged computers and handheld devises.


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