Smart Glow ring – Samsung J2 to debut with feature that abandons LED notifications

Samsung Smart Glow_2

LED notification has been there in Android smartphones for a very long time now. In-fact, all Android users take this feature for granted, but the jinx has lately been broken by Moto G4 Plus which ditched the feature. That said, users do actually love the light notification alert and Samsung instead of giving it up completely has a new take on it. According to GalaxyClub, Samsung is soon going to introduce a new feature called Smart Glow ring instead of LED notifications in its devices.

Samsung Smart Glow

To provide at-a-glance notifications, Smart Glow uses luminous ring that is located on the boundary of the rear camera. Whenever a notification like text or call arrives, the luminous ring glows. Also, it notifies the user when the battery is low. For people who don’t bank on the front camera for taking selfies, the Smart Glow feature assists in taking selfies with the rear-camera. The Smart Glow Ring lights up when it detects a face/faces and then automatically clicks a selfie after a few seconds.

Samsung Smart Glow_1

This new feature is going to debut on their Galaxy J2 device which will be launched in India. Although Samsung has not confirmed about this feature, but it is going to come pretty soon. We’ll have more on it as soon as there is some news regarding it.

Via: SamMobile



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